Skylanders: Masters is an upcoming Toys-to-Life video game being developed by Toys for Bob, Beenox, Vicarious Visions, and Trail Blazer Studios and is being published by Activision and LMMCU as a custom version of Skylanders: Imaginators. It will release on September 14, 2018 in the United States.

Plot Description

The dark lord Strykore has been accidentally freed from his imprisonment in the endless void of the Outlands by Kaos in an attempt to use him to gain all power and control over the remnants of the Darkness. Strykore than betrays Kaos only to use the powers of the Darkness for his own plans to destroy all of Skylands and merge it as one with the Outlands. It is now up to the Senseis, a newly formed group of Skylanders led by Master Eon, to battle against Strykore to save Skylands, before it's too late!

Game Features and Mechanics

  • Starter Pack Story Mode
  • Expansion Level Pack Levels
  • Advanced Imaginator Customization
  • Racing Mode
  • Battle Arenas
  • New Imaginite Portal With Room For 2 Skylanders, A Vehicle, And A Slot For Traptanium Traps Which Can Be Used As Power Ups Based On The Villain Trapped Inside Of It
  • Vehicles And Traps Can Be Scanned In Similar To Skylanders To Use Them On Portable Versions Of The Game, Being Put In A Collection Vault

List of Senseis





  • Master Eon (Portal Master) "Greetings Portal Master!"



  • Kaos (Portal Master) "Behold, My Catchphrase of Doom!"












Portal Master

  • Master Eon (Eon) "Greetings Portal Master!"
  • Kaos (Kaos) "Behold, My Catchphrase of Doom!"







Chapter 01: Creation Temple

  • Reach the Temple Gates
  • Get Through the Maze
  • Retrieve the Imaginite Crystal
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 02: Crystalline Falls

  • Retrieve the Boat
  • Ride Down the River
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 03: Skylands Sewer Systems

  • Enter the Sewers
  • Get Past the Sea Monster
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 04: Vortex Village

  • Rescue the Villagers
  • Contain the Vortex
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 05: Battleship Blitz

  • Board the Battleship
  • Take Over the Controls
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 06: Soda Factory

  • Sort the Potions
  • Protect the Potions
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 07: Land of Games

  • Beat the Arcade Games
  • Defeat the Doomlander
  • Free the Brain

Chapter 08: Dragon Temple

  • Reach the Temple
  • Complete the Paths
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 09: Sweet Land Bake-Off

  • Find the Ingredients
  • Bake Kaos' Cake
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 10: Academy Attack!

  • Defend the Academy
  • Board the Sky Bandit's Ship
  • Take Back the Cake
  • Defeat the Doomlander

Chapter 11: Khaotic Kastle

  • Enter the Castle
  • Reach the Top
  • Defeat the Ultimate Doomlander
  • Defeat Kaos' Father
  • Defeat the Darkness
  • Escape the Castle

Chapter 12: Crow Island

  • Defend the Island
  • Retrieve the Eggs
  • Defeat the Vultures

Chapter 13: Chompy Garden

  • Free the Chompies
  • Reach the Top of the Mountain
  • Defeat the Chompy King

Chapter 14: Green Hill Zone

  • Save the Residents
  • Win the Race
  • Obtain the Chaos Emeralds
  • Defeat Chaos


  • There is a total of 64 Senseis introduced in this game.
  • This is the first console Skylanders game to feature a main antagonist that isn't Kaos.
    • This is due to the fact that Kaos has since redeemed himself and became a Skylander Sensei.

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