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Dielanders: Cancelled Force is the first game in a rebooted Skylanders series, starring the Frick Force, a legendary battalion that served Master Government. However, Master Less and his army attack while the Frick Force is on vacation. You must bring the Frick Force back into Skylands, where they will fight a wide variety of trolls, robots, and titanic insects.



Playable Characters

Trigger Element

Gametime Element

Marty Element

Vesp Element

Spooky Macabre Element

  • Red Skull
  • Blue Skull
  • Boner Skull
  • Burn Skull

Pixel Element

Peace Element

  • Peace
  • Wrecking Crew

Venture Element

  • PipipiMan
  • Quartermaster Cannibal
  • Shooter Ninja
  • Shelob the Crawler

Metaworld Element

Sky Element


  • This is the second time the characters from The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime have appeared in a Toys-to-Life video game. The first one was LEGO Dimensions.
  • In addition, this is the second appearance of Robert, Florence, and Garlic in a Toys-to-Life game. The first was also LEGO Dimensions.
  • Like LEGO Dimensions, this features characters and levels based on The Adventures of Vesp.
  • There is a sequel planned to involve Metaninjas.


Title Attack Death Sprite
Poison Container Bot Bites with fangs Falls apart
Zombie Gunner Fires Pistol Drops Gun which decapitates himself
Undead Boom Boss Hurls Explosives Gets exploded, causing him to burn up
Zombie Cadet Crusher Hammer Slam Drops Hammer which knocks off his head
Riveter Zombie Fires Rivet, Lobs Mines Gets blown up by mine and breaks into soot
Extending Shield Zombie Wood Shield Crush Crumbles to pieces
Exeggcute Hangman Spoon Spear Eggshell Breaks and head falls off
Frag Grenade General Lob Frag Grenades Explodes
Gun Nose Fires Nose Turret Explodes apart and unleashes Engineer Zombie