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Skyfall: the darkest hour is the first movie in the skyfall trilogy.


when echidna takes over the kingdom of ku-ju, all seems lost, in secret, three people; argus,hyperion and master chronos, will embark on a epic journey, making new friends, and dangerous enemies.


  • PeaceableKingdom as argus, the young swordsman and favourite pupil of master chronos
  • MilesRS777 As Hyperion, The young mage who hardly takes anything serious,
  •  ??? As master chronos, the old warrior who steps out of retirement to lead the heroes to Freedom
  • pixelfox666 As nyx,the not-so-stealthy ninja who joins the heroes after they saved his life.
  • skylanderlord3 As Aether,the good thief who also joined the heroes after they saved his life
  •  ??? As Hephaestu, the blacksmith who joined the heroes after the saved his village
  • cathrine taber,dove Cameron and Audrey wasilewski as chimera,the hungry monster and one of the main antagonists
  • Chris Pratt, Jim Byrnes and Kate Higgins as Cerberus, the smart one(s)of the duo and one of the main antagonists.
  • kathleen baar as echidna, the mother of all monster,master of Cerberus and chimera, and the true main antagonist of the movie

Parents guide

Violence and gore

  • unlike other things peace has made, this is not for kids.
  • In the intro cutscene, monsters raid villagEs, blood can be seen.
  • chimera attempts to eat the heroes.
  • countless monsters get killed.
  • Monsters spit blood.


  • f**k
  • s**t
  • di*k

Frightning scenes

  • The monsters and echidna may look scary.