Sky Wars is the sequal to Roar and it is to be realesed November 19th 2018. It is made by Pixelated Studios.


5 years after the Dragon Incident Alzack is the commander of the 2nd Warfare Divison they no longer need to fight dragons but when a powerful Warlord named Duke Starkom invades the land with his army and has recuited the group of assasins named Midnight Dawn. Alzack, Jade and Dom must take to the skies to fight this new threat.

Full Plot



Alzack Hunt-The Savior of Dragon Kind and the commander of the 2nd Warfare Division

Jade Nightstreak-Alzack's Girlfriend and the Captain of the 2nd Warfare Division

Dom Wilder-A punk rocker kid who loves to go wild!

Layla Krom-Jade's best friend.Commander of the 3rd Warfare Division

Jack Star-The Oldest of the Twin Sky Warriors

John Star-The Youngest of the Twin Sky Warriors

Purrl-An fast cat-girl loves bloodshed!

Midnight(Aka Pixel)-The Main antagonist of the flim and leader of Midnight Dawn

Dawn-Midnight's second and command and another main antagonist of the film

Gala-A member of Midnight Dawn

Duke Starktom-The Leader of the Vulture Nation

Radiex-Duke Starktom's commander

Roger Williamson-The commander for 6th Warfare Divison

King Niah-The King of the Dragons

Queen Emily-The Queen of the Cloud Kingdom


Sex and Nudity

Violence & Gore



Frightening/Intense Scenes

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