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This is a page for Skittleverse's Season 1.


Main Protagonists

  • Skittleflake
  • Lilly
  • Shelby
  • Splash
  • James

Minor Protagonists

  • Dragon Guardian of the River
  • Needlenose
  • Adolfin Hitler
  • Cakey
  • Emma
  • Faithy


  •  ??????????

Main Antagonists

  • Mosquito Taxi
  • Robot George Washington
  • Detective George Clinton
  • Trigger, who keeps sending me wikia notifications because categories

Minor Antagonists

  • Evil Space Giraffe
  • Zodiac Killer
  • Willy Wonka
  • Matthew


  • Trigger
  • Marty
  • Mission Awesome Characters
  • Venturian Battle Characters

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • Sex appeal is mentioned many times.
  • Kids are seen twerking.
  • It is said to not go to college and be sexy.
  • Robert Jacob's (censored) penis is seen next to a tree in the Venturian Battle Crossover.

Violence & Gore


  • The War is depicted in Skittleverse, having many people being gunned down and in a song, a line states 'Some civillian casualties.'.
  • The boat Skittleflake is on blows up.
  • Some people that were gunned down show traces of lots of blood.
  • Bits and peices of corpse are littered throughout the battlefield.
  • Skittleflake steals someone's eye.
  • In the Venturian Battle Crossover, Cannibals seige the city and eat people's brains.



  • Swears are found in most episodes. These swears include the PG-13 ones and TV-MA. Most swears are uncensored, except for major swears like 'Pu*ple', 'Tur*le' (Toy*le), 'Pum*ernickle', and 'Cray*la'.
  • In the Venturian Battle Crossover, they say "Son of a Switch!".



  • Skittleflake drinks.
  • An illegal underground drug market exists.
  • Charlie takes Cocaine.
  • In the Venturian Battle: Crossover, Robert and Lionel drink Morel Wet and act like drug addicts.

Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • Jumpscares occur sometimes.
  • There are many scenes depicting The War, with Bombs being dropped on the town, burning a city, a balloon being gunned down, and a war submarine blowing up the boat Skittleflake is on.
  • A city is burned down by a great fire.
  • A few events similar to 9/11 happen, like a plane crashing in the middle of a city.
  • In the Venturian Battle crossover, the Venture monsters may scare people.

Offensive Scenes


  • A protagonist known as 'Adolfin Hitler' appears, and the Nazi party also makes an appearance as protagonists.
  • The swatzika is scene on Adolfin's arm.
  • Religions are mentioned multiple times.

Suggested Ratings:

TV-14 to TV-MA

Common Sense Media

Age: 16+


Educational Value:

Positive Messages:

Positive Role Models:


Sexy Stuff:



Season 1 (Random World)

Season 1A

  • Underworld Escape!
  • Burning City!
  • A Special Kind of Hell!
  • Deep into Hell!
  • Village of Warriors!
  • Gang of Evil Monkeys!
  • Zodiac Ted!
  • Snake Man!
  • Warring Zodiac!

Season 1B

  • Lilly War
  • Drafting Lillies
  • At Plant Camp
  • Lilly Tanks
  • Gettin' Started
  • It's a Breeze
  • Emma Balloon
  • Bombs Away!
  • Emma Balloon!
  • Out at Sea!
  • Sailor Skittleflake!
  • Battletime
  • White Flag
  • We're Not Done
  • Dark Magician!
  • Mission Not Accomplished (Mission Awesome Crossover)
  • Skittlebrew!
  • Back to Magic!/Into Candy Land!
  • A Venturian Battle (Venturian Battle Crossover)