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Skittleverse! is a LMMCU show by Skittleflake. It focuses on the Adventures of Skittleflake and Company through a mysterious and magical land. It is said to be an anime-based animated show.


Season 1

See Season 1

Season 2


Parent's Guide

Season 1

See Skittleverse Season 1.

Episode Guide


Season 1 (Random World)

Season 2


Running Gags

  • Random Censorship - The words Purple, Crayola, Pumpernickle, Turtle and (Toytle) are randomly censored.
  • Toytle - Turtle is said as 'Toytle'.
  • Darn Censors! - At random times, the censor bleep will either be Apples, Pineapples, Ananas, Kiwi, Watermlon, Lime, Lemon, Strawberry, Avocado, Potato, and other Fruits/Vegtables.
  • Worship: Varying items that are not onions are worshipped.




  • Spaghettiverse
  • Je Suis Un Ananas
  • Mega Fire Fox X
  • Midori Gurinu
  • Star Warriors
  • TBA


  • A dorito person is seen in the background of most episodes.
  • The borough of Manhattan, New York, USA appears as a location in Skittleverse.
  • Skittleverse 'worships' many random things like Pineapples, Lemons, and Celery.
  • The only random item not worshiped is Onions.
  • Crossovers are not cannon.

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