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Sid is a character in Morphers.


Thanks to his cold climate, Sid is extremely lethargic and slow in his work. He is also the drowsiest and dreamiest of the Frosts. He always works slowly with a lot of an attitude. Thanks to a lack of energy, it seems like all actions take everything out of him. It takes extremes to get certain emotions, like shock or anger, out of him. Otherwise, he is always unflappable and chilled out.


Sid has black hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and normally wears a blue vest, a blue t-shirt, a black shirt, grey pants, and blue socks. He also wears ice headphones and ice gloves.



He has incredible strength, so he can hold large structures easily. He also has frosty breath that can freeze things.


  • He looks exactly the same as Sheldon. However, he is thin and of course, wears blue instead of gray. He even has a crystal object on his head, although it is also blue instead of golden, and it is frosty crystal headphones.
  • He has a high chance of Marphing instead of Morphing.