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Sheldon Christian is a character in Morphers.



Despite an adorable exterior, Sheldon is still a Christian at heart, and is a threat to Norphers everywhere. Pretty unfair, Sheldon holds a grudge fairly easily. However, he is a true and trusted friend to his fellow Morphers. Like the other Christian Villagers, he is an idiot, but he has brute strength and a cunning streak to make up for it.


Sheldon has blonde hair and grey eyes, and he wears a grey shirt with black sleeves, black gloves, a tooth necklace, black shorts, and grey and gold boots.



His body acts like a wrecking ball. When spinning around, he is able to burrow into the ground.


Early Life

The only thing known about Sheldon's early life is he collected Ceramic Figurines at some point.


  • Sheldon's crystal hair was originally going to be flabby.

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