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Scarlet is a Spike Morpher.



Despite being a quiet Morpher, making bug squeaks all of the time, Scarlet is claimed to be quite a chatterbox. She is curious by nature, always tilting her head in interest to various things. When she gets excited, her already big puppy dog eyes grow large and adorable. Unfortunately, despite all of her cuteness, she can be easily spooked, and always screams and scrambles away when something scares her, always causing her to crash right into trouble.

Physical Appearance

Scarlet has dark tanned skin, tan hair, and she wears tan clothing.


Her hair is tipped with sharp dagger swords that pierce others easily.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Scarlet's early life. However, she managed to become the chief of the Spikes at and created a nightly NuzzleWuzzle time routine with Howard.