Saving Dad-Bot is a movie made by Pixelated Studios about how Pixel and Sky save dad bot from syria


Skylanderlord3 as Sky-A person who wonders what happened to Dad-Bot and the main savior of Dad-Bot

PixelFox666 as Pixel-Sky's friend who is also trying to save Dad-Bot

Trump-Bot as Donald Trump-The president of the USA who sends Sky and Pixel on this quest

Jake Paul as Jake Paul-The lead singer of It's Everyday Bro who is also the leader of England Is My City a group who wants to kill Dad-bot

Paco as Paco Bin Laden-the Leader of ISIS and the person who captured Dad-Bot

Stefan Karl as Robbie Rotten-The only person who knows how to stop Paco Bin Laden

Dad-Bot as Dad Bot-A bot who was captured by ISIS.

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