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Robert is a character in the game Venture, the show Venturian Battle, and the main protagonist of Venture: Halloween.


Venture Halloween

Robert allows his brothers to go to his Portal Room, and they all decide to go through the Hell Portal. There, they meet the unsettling inhabitants (Zombie Labmen and Espouses) and unsafe materials (Hellrack, Fluorescent Rock, and Spirit Sand). They eventually take refuge in a brick castle someone built, which serves as a bar people go to. However, when they go in a basement, they encounter gold and an Espouse, but quickly kill it. They then go to Buccaneer Bay and defend against enemies and go fishing. They then chase the Headless Horseman through his castle, a pirate ship, a tomb, a mine, and Robert eventually cuts the head off of Pumpkin Head and kills him. Robert and his brothers do the medieval version of Trick or Treating afterwards, even though they are adults.


Robert has dark brown hair, brown eyes, light skin, and he wears a reddish brown jacket (dark gray in the films) with a white undershirt and a red and white striped necktie, and dark blue jeans (also dark gray in the films), and brown shoes.