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Roar is an LMMCU movie that is to be realeased on December 5th 2017.It stars Alzack Hunt a young boy who wants to be the greatest warrior in a the land to live up to his grandfather.But he is stuck as a simple farm boy until the fire nation attacked...More like the Dragon NATION! Alzack Hunt and two of his friends Jade Nightstreak and Dom Wilder must stop The Dragons from destroying there homeland or is it the other way around. It has a sequel called Sky Wars.

Full Plot


  • Zach Gordan as Alzack Hunt-The main male Protaganist who is part of the Hunt Family.And needs to live up to his Father and his Grandfather
  • Veronika Bonell asJade Nightstreak-The main female protaganist She is a tomboy and is pretty hot and is a member of the 2nd Warfare Division
  • Nick Robinson as Dom Wilder-The Punk rocker kid who loves to be WILD!!!!!!!
  • Morgan Freeman as Xavier Hunt(Old)-The grandfather of Alzack and a wise old man
  • Rami Malek as Niah-The king of the dragons
  • Thomas Brodie Sangster as Drake-The asshole and the best warrior in the Sky City and the main antagonist
  • Paul Rudd as William Hunt(Thunder)-The true main angatgonist of the movie and is Alzack's father
  • Danielle Panbaker as Emily Hunt(Scythe)-One of the main antagonists of the movie and is Alzack's Mother
  • Tom Holland as Wolf-the Head Pyro of the 2nd Warfare Division.
  • Aml Ameen as Captain Wiliamson-Captain of the 2nd Warfare Division
  • Bailie Madison as Polly-One of Jade's best friends and a member of the 2nd Warfare Division
  • Isabelle Cornish as Layla-One of Jade's best friends and a member of the 2nd Warfare Division
  • Ralph Brown as Ventus-The Wind Dragon
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Ignis-The Fire Dragon
  • Hugo Weaving as Fortisma-The late King of the Dragons

Other Characters Include

Aidan Gillian as Jonas Hunt


Sex and Nudity

  • Alzack and Jade kiss in the end of the movie
  • When Polly dies her bra shows slightly

Violence & Gore

  • Hundreds of people are brutally murdered and eaten by Dragons
  • Drake is brutally stabbed by Wolf and is thrown of a platform
  • Alzack gets beat up a bunch
  • When William Hunt is thrown into a crystal and dies blood stains the Crystal
  • People drown alot


  • S**t-2 times
  • D*ck-4 times


  • People drink beer
  • Wolf gets drunk

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The dragons may seem scary to younger viewers
  • William Hunt's death scene may be scary
  • The movie alltogether is pretty intense

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Sexy Stuff:


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