Roar is an LMMCU movie that is to be realeased on December 5th 2017.It stars Alzack Hunt a young boy who wants to be the greatest warrior in a the land to live up to his grandfather.But he is stuck as a simple farm boy until the fire nation attacked...More like the Dragon NATION! Alzack Hunt and two of his friends Jade Nightstreak and Dom Wilder must stop The Dragons from destroying there homeland or is it the other way around. It has a sequel called Sky Wars.

Full Plot

in the year X124 An army of men are marching up a hill to a cavern.It shows some men falling down and dying the leader of the men smirks and marches up the further.The men walk in and it shows 6 dragons sitting on crystal thrones.The leader of the men demand the dragons to give them gold.The Dragon King refuses saying that he has given them enough resources to survive.The man offers them a deal telling them if he doesnt give them the gold then he will take the next egg of the next Dragon Prince.The dragon king laughs and says you wouldnt dare.The Leader grabs the egg and runs! Then chaos urrpts with the leader tumbling down the hill as he trips on a rock and the egg shatters! The dragon king flies down and attacks the leader.He fails to even put up a fight and dies.The Dragon King is still aggravated that the egg is broken and vows to wage war!

It flashes to war as it shows Humans getting blown up and armies charging at the dragons.Then a small warrior named Xavier rushes at the Dragon King but he is knocked down he then jumps up and stabs him through the heart The dragon king stumbles over and dies.The Prince looks in shock and screams! Xavier is hailed as a hero and due to the dragons lose of moral the must retreat.The dragon prince is aggravated saying that he will have his revenge and this time you wont win.

90 years later this happens.Alzack Hunt stares at the sky daydreaming about becoming a great warrior just like his Grandfather then he spots the town bully come,Drake and his friends.Drake taunts him saying that he will never be as powerful as his grandfather.Alzack flips out and tries to punch Drake.Drake throws one of his "friends" in the way and his friend is knocked out.Alzack calls Drake a coward and they get in a fist fight and Drake beats him up.Alzack runs away crying.Alzack walks into his home crying.He goes into his room and stares at a poster of his grandfather.He then hopes that he will graduate tomorrow.

The next day Alzack goes to his graduation with his parents.He finds out who will be selected for the captain of the 5th Warfare Division.He goes up on the stage with all of his classmates including Drake and his friends.One kid named Roger Williamson is selected for Captain.Drake is selected as the Head Pyro.More classmates get chosen but Alzack is not one of them.Alzack dispointed walks off stage ashamed.But his parents are happy that he doesnt have to be a warrior beacause they think that fighting is dangerous.

Alzack is very depressed the next 5 days until one day he sees something,4 blurs flying in the sky he stares at them until they get closer and then he sees that they are dragons! He screams as loud as he can and runs into his house! His parents tell him to get to shelter.He refuses and grabs his training armor and runs out


Brenton Thwaites as Alzack Hunt-The main male Protaganist who is part of the Hunt Family.And needs to live up to his Father and his Grandfather

Veronika Bonell asJade Nightstreak-The main female protaganist She is a tomboy and is pretty hot and is a member of the 2nd Warfare Division

Ty Simpkins as Dom Wilder-The Punk rocker kid who loves to be WILD!!!!!!!

Morgan Freeman as Xavier Hunt(Old)-The grandfather of Alzack and a wise old man

Rami Malek as Niah-The late king of the dragons

Thomas Brodie Sangster as Drake-The asshole and the best warrior in the Sky City and the main antagonist

Paul Rudd as William Hunt(Thunder)-The true main angatgonist of the movie and is Alzack's father

Danielle Panbaker as Emily Hunt(Scythe)-One of the main antagonists of the movie and is Alzack's Mother

Luke Dante-Pixel(ME) as the Head Pyro of the 2nd Warfare Division.

Luke Evens as Captain Wiliamson-Captain of the 2nd Warfare Division

TBA as Polly-One of Jade's best friends and a member of the 2nd Warfare Division

TBA as Layla-One of Jade's best friends and a member of the 2nd Warfare Division

TBA as Ventus-The Wind Dragon

TBA as Ignis-The Fire Dragon

TBA as Fortisma-The King of the Dragons


Sex and Nudity

  • Alzack and Jade kiss in the end of the movie
  • When Polly dies her bra shows slightly

Violence & Gore

  • Hundreds of people are brutally murdered and eaten by Dragons
  • Drake is brutally stabbed by Pixel and is thrown of a platform
  • Alzack gets beat up a bunch
  • When William Hunt is thrown into a crystal and dies blood stains the Crystal
  • People drown alot


  • S**t-2 times
  • D*ck-4 times


  • People drink beer
  • Pixel gets drunk

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The dragons may seem scary to younger viewers
  • William Hunt's death scene may be scary
  • The movie alltogether is pretty intense

Common Sense Media



Violence & Scariness:

Sexy Stuff:


Drinking, Drugs, & Smoking


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