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This article is about The GameTime Movie character. For other versions of the character, visit GameTime (disambiguation).

RealGameTime usually referred to as just GameTime or GT, is the main protagonist of The GameTime Movie as well as various other video games like GameTime: Game Breaker and GameTime: A Whole New Wiki.


The GameTime Movie

GameTime: Game Breaker

GameTime: A Whole New Wiki

Former Death The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Arc

  • During the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate World of Light trailer for the 11/1/18 Nintendo Direct, RealGameTime accidentally warped himself into the game using his video game transporting powers that he randomly has as of now. Galeem, the main villain of the mode, killed all of the characters (except Kirby) during the trailer and RealGameTime was one of them. You can see him as a cameo. He’s that tiny spec. The light beam ultimately killed him and Fandom Labs members warped into the game after hearing the news on the Fandom 13 news channel. Strangely unlike getting imprisoned and turning into a evil incarnation of himself like the other characters, he instantly disintegrated instead. Scientists are finding a way to resurrect him through various methods which may take some time. A new character, Princess Bad Piranha Plant, was recently hired by the scientists and was taking over his social media accounts for the time being. He later was resurrected and is now running his accounts again.


As a main character

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Physcial Appearance


Criminal Record (Non-canon)

  • Armed Robbery: GameTime robbed a bank using a gun in a Discord roleplay and was sent to jail afterwards.
  • Assault: GameTime usually gets into fights with his friends or other characters such as Fricksy Business and ChibiTime. They don't really count as they aren't crimes but he has done so several times. However, GameTime used a piece of debris to attack The Worker in the GameTime: Into the GameTime-Verse Sly Guy NEXT and also attacked him in jail in a Discord roleplay where he was serving food in the cafeteria. He also almost shot Santa Claus in the sky when in a police car using a crossbow in the Sly Guy NEXT 2018 Holiday Special and kicked a Waddle Dee from the Kirby franchise in a Discord roleplay. He had a fist fight with his cellmate in another Discord roleplay.
  • Burglary: GameTime, occasionally, breaks into Fricksy Business' house and steals his computer as said in a Discord roleplay.
  • Genocide: GameTime's actions led to the mass genocide of Wikia in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate arc. He, along with Abby, Fricksy Business, ChibiTime, and Crowley killed many user-turned zombies in the Sly Guy NEXT 2018 Halloween Special.
  • Kidnapping: On one occasion, GameTime kidnapped Princess Bad Piranha Plant against her will in a Discord roleplay. It is also implied that he kidnapped a Waddle Dee from the Kirby universe in the same roleplay.
  • Murder: In various Discord roleplays, GameTime is shown to have killed various users and characters such as Fricksy Business (1 time) and the Trash Man from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia in the Minecraft arc. However, they usually come back to life without any explanation afterwards.
    • It’s also possible that he killed iNinjago from the LMMCU wiki several times, but this is unconfirmed.
  • Theft: GameTime stole a chew toy and got caught by mall security officers in the Sly Guy NEXT 2018 Holiday Special.
  • Violation of Firearm Laws: It is implied that GameTime does not have a gun liscene though he uses guns throughout several Discord roleplays.


The GameTime Movie

Fricksy Business

GameTime's personality and antics often get him and Fricksy Business into trouble or some sort of misadventure ranging from ordinary to surreal and he frequently insults Blue for being "nerdy". On occasion, he shows how much he cares for Fricksy Business and values him as a friend, and always helps him out when needed. GameTime's actions frequently annoy Fricksy Business, though Fricksy, on the other hand, is secretly jealous of GameTime and how he wishes to live his life. He secretly desires to be more like him in some ways.


Officer Lawson



Professor Magnesium

King Phantom

The Hacker


Other LMMCU Wikia Members/Non-Canon Characters



It is implied that FakeTelevisionSpace is in love with GameTime after she kisses him on the cheek right before warping off to her dimension. However, GameTime does not have a crush on her.



Princess Bad Piranha Plant

Santa Claus

The Worker



  • This version of GameTime can be considered as the main version of the character as this version serves as the user with the same name’s internet persona.
  • The character is based on RealGameTime, the creator of the character.
  • The character drawing was made by RealGameTime.
  • The character has one dimension parallel who acts as a main character throughout Sly Guy NEXT presentations, ChibiTime.
    • ChibiTime's personality is very different than GameTime's personality.