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Press Play Prolouge is the 0th episode of Press Play.

*Brooklyn,New York 3:00 AM

Logan:*yawn* Im getting tired

Zeke:Well of course you are we spent the entire night watching Chick flicks!

Logan:Yeah well who's idea was that!


Pixel:SHHHHH Quiet down!

Logan:Ughhhhhhhhh no offense Pixel but this movie is boring!

Zeke:Yeah cant you change the channel

Pixel:Fine! *Tries to change the channel but it doesnt work

Logan:What...The remote must be out of batteries

Pixel:I will go get some out of the garrage *

*The screen starts to flash

Pixel:Whats going on!

Logan:I dont know!

Zeke:Dude i'm going home!

???:Hello children its time for you to feel what i have felt like for 6 years!

*All of them get sucked into the TV! *

???,??? 3:10 AM

Zeke:Where are we?

Logan:I dont know *Doors are floating everywhere each of them have a diffrent movie or tv show on it ???:Welcome to the RIFT!