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Press Play is a TV show made by PixelFox666 it is a spinoff of Press Start


One day when PixelFox is watching a movie with his friends the TV starts to flicker as a beam of light takes Pixel and his friends into the Rift where they can go to any TV show but somebody takes Pixel's friends it's up to Pixel to save his friends and yeah...


PixelFox666 as Pixel-A 15 year old boy who loves acting,candy,music and is a very light hearted person who until his 2 friends get kidnapped he must save them from whatever took them

Skylanderlord3 as Gwen-The energentic goth who Pixel meets at school

RealGameTime as GameTime-The funny person who often travels with Pixel after he found GameTime working at a subway

LegendaryXearnes as Legend-Pixel's friend who is the owner of the local card game shop

Other characters include

Malevolent Fox-Pixel's twin brother who is responisible for taking his friends

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