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Plants versus zombies: into the garden is a tv show about PVZ.


  1. PeaceableKingdom as man-shroom,a highly advanced first-level fungus, abillities are flight,super spore strength,and fume laser beams.
  2. Skylanderlord3 as sky-a-pult,he can launch zombies back, He's invincible and can also melt things as tough as steel.
  3. milesrs677 As miles-peater, more info when I ask him.
  4. trigger happy the gremlin As trigger-shooter,can shoot one fireball in each lane
  5.  ??? As ???
  6.  ??? As ???


the war of suburbia has gotten pretty intense,especially after the arrival of tyro von zombrian,an ally of the zombies,so desperate measures need to be taken,join new plants as they help save suburbia, face problems in the backyard, and argue who ate the last taco!

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