Pixelated Studios has collaborated with all sorts of companies to make merchandising based on existing properties and introducing new ones!



Ninjago:The Next Generation

Winter 2017

71472 Imp Invasion!

71473 Cole's Rock Rumbler

71474 Cabin Attack

71475 NPAWU Land Attacker

71476 Zane's Ice Destroyer

71477 Demonic Temple

76167 Airjitzu Vincent

76168 Airjitzu Serena

76169 Airjitzu Jackyln

76170 Airjitzu Static

76171 Airjitzu Mira

Funko POP!

Pixel House

Wave 1

  • Pixel FUNKO POP!
  • Gala FUNKO POP!
  • Eevee FUNKO POP!
  • Flareon FUNKO POP!
  • Vaporeon FUNKO POP!
  • Jolteon FUNKO POP!

Wave 2

  • Raina Star FUNKO POP!
  • Espeon FUNKO POP!
  • Umbreon FUNKO POP!
  • Donald Trump FUNKO POP!

Wave 3

  • Leafeon FUNKO POP!
  • Glaceon FUNKO POP!
  • Sylveon FUNKO POP!
  • Hiroshima Nokinama FUNKO POP!


  • Eevee(Beach)
  • Flareon(Super Hot Fire)
  • Vaporeon(Hood)
  • Jolteon(Science Fair)
  • Espeon(Hogwarts)(SDDC Exclusive)
  • Umbreon(Umbre Warrior)(SDDC Exclusive)
  • Leafeon(Youtuber)
  • Glaceon(Elsa)
  • Sylveon(Prom)
  • Hiroshima Nokinima(Natsu)(Pixelated Press Confrence)

Press Play

  • Pixel(Press Play) FUNKO POP!
  • Gwen(Press Play) FUNKO POP!
  • Cosmo(Press Play) FUNKO POP!
  • GameTime(Press Play) FUNKO POP!

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