Background Edit

Luke AKA Pixel is the main antagonist of The Amazing Life Of Vesp and GameTime. He has a rivalery aganist Vesp escpally. He loves music and most of the time listens to it and doesnt pay attention to anybody else. He has two friends name Zemo and Seven.In Episode 11 he starts to become nicer to the group and it is revealed that he has a crush on a girl named Destiny.

Trivia Edit

  • His parents are dead.
  • He is very smart and takes advantage of nicer people and uses them for his evil plots.

Relationships Edit


Zemo is Pixel's best friend and Zemo is also a jerk and likes to torment people actually more then Pixel.

Seven Edit

Seven is the nicest of Pixel's group.He doesnt want to be with Pixel's group at all but is blackmailed into it.


Vesp Edit

Vesp is Pixel's rival and Pixel hates Vesp to the ends of the earth.Pixel will most of the time target Vesp with his pranks.

GameTime Edit

Pixel does not like GameTime but he is also one of the subjects of Pixel's actions. In Episode 12 GameTime and Pixel become friends.

Marty Edit

Unlike the other 2 Pixel is the nicest towards Marty for some reason he doesn't want to hurt Marty as much as everyone else and will ask him for advice sometimes.

Gallery Edit

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