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Origins is an upcoming TV series produced, written, and directed by MLG Neo-Futurist. It will be an installment to the Infinity Motion Picture Universe by Infinity Comics.


Season 1

In an alternate earth, the government has come to tyranny. Citizens have revolted, the mainstream media has collapsed, and major cities have been taken under anarchy, as society struggles on what to do.

Season 2

Countries over the world are conflicted with terrorism. A group known as "Alkubra Alssuda" has risen and plans their Jihadist conquest on the globe. Meanwhile, the United Nations is facing problems within itself.

Season 3

Nuclear warfare and genetically enhanced viruses has devastated the globe on a massive scale. While, the world is trying to rebuild and recover, the FSB has encountered strange contact from space.

Season 4

The world has struggled to recover from it's catastrophic state. All that is left of the earth is violence and hatred within the people. Judgement Day has begun and so has the fight for the extinction of the human race.

Parent's Guide

The series has an TV-13 rating:

Sex & Nudity

  • A UN official states that Alkubra Alssuda terrorists are taking foreign women as "sex slaves".

Violence & Gore

  • Conflict and war is seen throughout. No violence is graphic.
  • Blood is seen when a man is shot in the shoulder.
  • Some blood is seen after terrorists have been shot.
  • A Jihadist propaganda video is shown on a computer. Four captives are kneeling down to four terrorists with knifes against the captive's throats. Although it is not shown on screen, it is obviously implied that the captives are decapitated.


  • Some brief profanity is used.


  • A terrorist leader smokes a hookah.
  • A character drinks.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • A scene where extraterrestrials attack and destroy humans is intense.