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[Episode opens in Lava Wastelands.]

Florence: ¡Bienvenido, Bienvenido, a Ingrid Reino mi compadre Cristiano! So, Sebastian, all I got to say is: let the radical s**t begin!

Sebastian: Yeah, Florence! Radical s**t! Radical s**t!

Florence: And the radical s**t begins on our magma slide! Ready?

Sebastian: (Now wearing flotation device and goggles with snorkel.) Magma slide! Magma slide!

Florence: (Places sun tan lotion on the bridge of his nose.) Then let's get it on!

Norpher: (Falls from the clouds, hitting Florence in the head, she gets a bump.) Norph!

Florence: What the f-?!

Norpher: Norph, Norph, Norph!

Florence: Ugh...a Norpher. Why you fellows always got to Norph our fun?

Norpher: (Points at Florence and Sebastian) Morphers? KYS! Norphers? Hell yeah! Heh...

Florence: You kill yourself!

Sebastian: (Laughs.)

Norpher: (Hits Florence again.) Norph!

Florence: Dude, quit it! (Norpher repeatedly hits Florence.) Stop the f-in' lameness.

[The Norpher nibbles Sebastian's foot, Florence and Sebastian glare at each other in offense, Sebastian punches Norpher off.]

Norpher: (Crashes into stone, shatters into an skeletal mantle with organs.) Norph! (Whistles. A horde of Norphers pop up surrounding the two Morphers.)

Florence: (Panicking.) Pull out the Morpher Wheel, pull out the Morpher Wheel, pull out the Morpher Wheel! (Sebastian pulls out a Morpher Wheel.) Hah! Let's Morph up a--

Norpher: (Knocks Morpher Wheel out of Sebastian's fingers.) Norph!

Florence: Aw, s**t!

[The Norpher swarm jumps on Sebastian and Florence, repeatedly beating them into a state of helplessness.]

Florence: (bruised and swollen sounding) We got to find the Morpher Wheel!

Sebastian: (scarred and swollen sounding) I no see... Morpher Wheel! 

[A Norpher laughs in the background with the Morpher Wheel in his hands. Florence and Sebastian bounce the Norpher and touch the Morpher Wheel a little fearfully as Sebastian dies and a nimbostratus cloud appears. A bolt of electricity crashes and electrocutes them, Morphing Sebastian and Florence into Florence & Sebastian Morph]

Florence & Sebastian Morph: (In Florence's voice.) Oh, yeah! Let's get Morpher! 

[The Norpher swarm screams fearfully as Florence & Sebastian Morph stomps to the ground with its foot ablaze, yelling. Every Norpher is killed and eventually, the magma slide is "upgraded."]

Florence: Super gigantic ultimate magma slide!

Sebastian: Radical s**t! Radical s**t!

Norpher: (Punches Sebastian in the face) Norph!

Florence: You got to be kidding me!

Norpher: (Swings fist at Morphels.) Norph, Norph, Norph, Norph, Norph, Norph, Norph! (Middle finger. Sebastian steps on the Norpher. It sticks to his foot as he and Florence walk towards the slide.) Norph Norph! Norph Norph! Norph Norph!

[Cut to "The End" logo.]

Norpher: (Destroys the logo, shatters into a robotic skeleton with organs, returns to it, and falls.) Norph! Norph! Norph Norph Norph! Norph! Norph! Norph Norph Norph!!!