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[Episode starts in Norpher Land.]

Major Norpher: Alright Norphers! If you're gonna steal Morpher Wheels from the Morphers, (Paints one Norpher blue and one Norpher tangerine) you gotta LOOK like a Morpher! Now, (Throws one of the paint buckets and proceeds to kick the Norphers one at a time) GO..get ME... some MORPHER WHEELS! And I am gonna stand here!

[Norphers land on Baylee and Luke.]

Baylee: [Rubs bump] Oh, hey there little Morphers! We are gonna play "Sling!"

Luke: Yeah!

[Baylee and Luke Morph, the Baylee & Luke Morph holds a Morpher Wheel towards the Norphers.]

Baylee & Luke Morph: (In Baylee's voice.) Wanna join us?

[Norphers nervously accept Morpher Wheel.]

Baylee & Luke Morph: Well, Morph!

[The Norphers look at each other and cautiously Morph, which ends with the Tangerine Norpher laying on top of the Blue Norpher.]

Orange Norpher: M-Morph?

Baylee & Luke Morph: (Laughing) You guys are retarded. See ya later! (Slings away.)

[Norphers triumphantly go back to Norphers Land with Morpher Wheel. Major Norpher is still standing where he was.]

Major Norpher: Morphers?!

Norphers: No! Norph! Norph! Norph! Norph! Norph! Norph! Norph!

Major Norpher: KILL THOSE ****SUCKERS!

[Norpher swarm comes from nowhere, toppling over Major Norpher, and dismembers NorphersMajor Norpher pops back up and escapes with Morpher Wheel.]

Major Norpher: The Morpher Wheel is all mine!

[Baylee & Luke Morph launches from nowhere and snatches Morpher Wheel from Major Norpher.]

Baylee & Luke Morph: Thank you!

Major Norpher: You damn Morphers!