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Morph Over, titled by Adult Swim as Norpher "Morph Over", is the thirteenth episode in the first season of Morphers. It first aired on June 2, 2017.

Episode Summary

This episode starts with Major Norpher painting two Norphers (one tangerine and the other blue) to disguise them, and then kicking them to Morpher Land. 

Baylee and Luke see the two Norphers and, confusing them for Morphers, say that they are going to play Baylee's favorite game: Sling. Baylee and Luke Morph, and ask the Norphers to join them, giving them a Morpher Wheel. The Norphers Morph, but they cannot; the tangerine Norpher then lies on top of the blue Norpher (simulating a Morph). The Luke & Baylee Morph jokingly calls them retarded and slings itself off.

The Norphers then return to Norphers Land, but Major Norpher mistakes them as Morphers. He calls a mob of other Norphers to kill the painted ones, and Major Norpher runs off with the Morpher Wheel. However, the Baylee/Luke Morph snatches the Morpher Wheel away and flies off, with Major cursing it.