Nightblurr is a character in the tv show.



Tobias Kalidorfian was just any ordinary 11 year old boy, he was made fun of for being bad at Ninja Club. Although he was the smartest in his class, he wish he had the bad boy rep. His mother was murdered in cold blood and his dad was zapped out of existence, but then he was adopted by a foster family. Toby was successful for his graduations and got the job he wanted at MasoCorps (Scientist). Some scientists wanted to test a chemical on Toby, he accepted, but then it resulted in a serious injury. After he remained consciousness, he woke up in the hospital, blindly. He met two scientists (Dr. Anosophor and Dr. Amelia), they told Toby about how he has powers now, Toby was confused and went for a walk. Eventually, he found a girl known as Jennette Morrison, a orphan. Toby adopted the girl, and he realized his powers were only useful for one thing: Helping. Now remember, if you ever robbed a bank and heard wind or steps behind you, you're probably being chased by Nightblurr



  • Punching (POW Gloves)
    • When getting overpowered, he uses the Phantom Fist

Super Powers

  • Super Speed
  • Hardcore Agility
  • Super Jump
  • Teleporting (But only on ground, it can't take you to outer space or something)


  • He is inspired off characters like Daredevil, The Flash, Batman, Deadpool, and Nightcrawler

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