MLG Neo-Futurist do you like me? 6:39 Ana12121212 Yes I love you 6:39 MLG Neo-Futurist aww really? 6:39 Ana12121212 Yae 6:39 MLG Neo-Futurist I think you're nice too 6:39 Ana12121212 Wwaw Thane you 6:40 MLG Neo-Futurist are you new to wiki? I 6:40 Ana12121212 Yes 6:40 MLG Neo-Futurist I've been here for quite a while, I can help you Are you a Liberal or a Conservative? 6:41 Ana12121212 Yea can you get DanTDM to call me Please I'm begging you 6:41 MLG Neo-Futurist Ok, I'll try Could you answer my question first though? 6:42 Ana12121212 OK 6:42 MLG Neo-Futurist are you Liberal or Conservative? 6:42 Ana12121212 Liberal 6:43 MLG Neo-Futurist ok 6:43 Ana12121212 On my sykpe 6:43 MLG Neo-Futurist Would you still love me if I'm a Conservative? 6:43 Ana12121212 Yes you bet 6:44 MLG Neo-Futurist There is no user known as DanTDM on Wiki Or is that your Skype? 6:44 Ana12121212 Skype 6:44 MLG Neo-Futurist Oh, ok. I don't think I can Skype right now, I promise later. Wanna chat? 6:45 Ana12121212 Yes 6:45 MLG Neo-Futurist How many years old are you? 6:45 Ana12121212 I'm 22 Y 6:45 MLG Neo-Futurist For real? I'm 21. 6:46 Ana12121212 You got it 6:46 MLG Neo-Futurist What college do you attend? 6:46 Ana12121212 I don't know 6:47 MLG Neo-Futurist You work? 6:47 Ana12121212 Yes I Unicron Tx 6:48 MLG Neo-Futurist Are you saying you are a Transformers character!?!? 6:49 Ana12121212 I love it 6:50 MLG Neo-Futurist cool 6:50 Ana12121212 The movie 6:50 MLG Neo-Futurist what was your GPA in Highschool 6:50 Ana12121212 Yes my dad was 6:50 MLG Neo-Futurist What was your GPA? 6:51 Ana12121212 Yes 6:51 MLG Neo-Futurist TBH you sound like a scam. You said you're 22. You don't even know your GPA. xDDD Be honest, are you like 12? 6:51 Ana12121212 Yes I'm Am 6:51 MLG Neo-Futurist Because I was lying about being 21 as well What is your real age? 6:52 Ana12121212 I'm 22 for real this time Let's us play Minecraft let's us play 6:53 MLG Neo-Futurist xD What country are you from? 6:53 Ana12121212 Tx 6:53 MLG Neo-Futurist Texas? xD 6:53 Ana12121212 Yes 6:53 MLG Neo-Futurist You're sooo cute <3 Do you have a car? I have a Self-Driving Tesla My dad works at Tesla 6:55 Ana12121212 OK 6:56 MLG Neo-Futurist Do you live with your parents? 6:56 Ana12121212 Wow l 6:56 MLG Neo-Futurist Or in your own apartment? Or with roommates? 6:57 Ana12121212 I live I. A group home Roommate 6:57 MLG Neo-Futurist Are you going to apply for any colleges? 6:58 Ana12121212 OK yes I'm going to say goodnight? 6:58 MLG Neo-Futurist Ok, I'll talk to you tomorrow. Probably Skype you Love you! xoxoxo 6:59 Ana12121212 I'll be back in morning I love you to After work Unicron OK 6:59 MLG Neo-Futurist k

Penny121212 Hi 6:30 MLG Neo-Futurist Are you Anna? Are you Anna121212? 6:30 Penny121212 Great day 6:31 MLG Neo-Futurist Penny what is your Skype? You didn't give it to me last time Or should I add you on Google Hangouts? Do you have Google Hangouts? 6:31 Penny121212 My is Annamaria 6:32 MLG Neo-Futurist What is your Google Hangout? Your Gmail? I love you so much btw Are you there, Anna? Please respond. I want to talk to you. xoxoxo


[censored] please add me I talked to DanTDM yesterday I told him you said hi


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