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Mustachio is a Void monster in Venture.


Mustachio is a green pistachio with a yellow shell, with black, muscular arms and legs and white gloves. Mustachio also wears a black and green thing over his crotch (unless that IS his crotch). He also has white eyes with black irises, black eyebrows, and a black mustache.


Mustachio is an achievement in the Valve game Left 4 Dead. Brendan, upon first seeing him, mistook him for a Bendy & the Ink Machine character, but on further research, he released he was a Left 4 Dead one, and decided to include him in Venture as an Easter Egg.


Mustachio cannot technically spawn, however, an extremely faded version of his Garry's Mod model can be seen when looking down into the Void.

In Venturian Battle

Mustachio can be seen dabbing behind a tree in Waldurc Woodland.

In Venture: Halloween

Mustachio can briefly be seen smoking sticky icky in the Hell Castle.


  • A lot of people mistake him for a taco or a lemon, but he is actually a pistachio.
  • His theme song is Rasputin by Boney M.
  • Him and The Nigh Omnipotent Lemon are friends.
  • He orgasms a lot because he is a nut.
    • He orgasms the most when he hears Rasputin by Boney M.