More Stuff is the fifteenth episode in Season 1 and the fifteenth overall of The Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime.


Marty watches a movie called the Temple Of Doom until Principal Morton breaks it. Pixel plans on blowing up the hotel and Zemo brings up Pixel's love interest Destiny. Pixel and Zemo argue about it until Pixel brings up the real reason why he wants to blow up the hotel. Pixel wants to blow up the hotel so that Marty will be accused of doing it and will be sent off to jail. After school is over, Marty rushes back to the hotel to watch one of his favorite shows, Nightblur. GameTime accompanies Marty but Cipher blasts some Nightcore, his favorite kind of music. Marty and GameTime tell him to shut up until the episode ends. Marty and GameTime couldn't listen to a single word of the episode. The doorbell rings outside their room and there is a just a box of cookies and skittles standing there. Cipher eats the cookies and skittles while Marty goes to the food court in the hotel and gets a cheeseburger and fries. Marty wants to sneak into GameTime's room so they can watch Nightblur without Cipher distracting them. Suddenly, GameTime's phone rings.

Some person named Midori yells out "Please respond". GameTime tells him to go away multiple times. Midori tells GameTime that he will regret no responding to him. As a warning, he tries to suck Marty in the phone. GameTime helps him get out and breaks his phone. Midori then buys a nuke and give it to a delivery man to deliver to Vesp and GameTime's school. The next day, when Vesp, GameTime, Marty, and Trigger go to school, they all switch bodies with each other. Vesp And Pixel switches bodies. The same goes for GameTime, Skittle, Cipher, Trigger, Marty, and Clara. Cipher in GameTime's body ruins his reputation by farting multiple times on his crush. Pixel in Vesp's body feels smarter than ever. Zemo then finds Pixel and mistakes him for Vesp and chases him. GameTime in Cipher's body and Marty in Clara's body tries to fix up a machine in switch them back. When GameTime and Marty take a break on fixing it, Cipher comes and presses the machine. Everyone switches bodies again, GameTime is now Clara and Marty is now Vesp. No one knows what happens. Cipher comes Skittle and eats himself. Trigger as Marty helps Marty and GameTime fix up the machine to get everyone back to normal again. After pressing the button on the machine, everyone is in the right bodies now. Cipher accidentally sets off the nuke in the school so everyone runs away as the school explodes. The next day, GameTime gets a new phone. Midori calls him and says that "THIS ISNT THE LAST OF ME ILL GET YOU GAMETIME!!!!" leaving the episode in a cliffhanger.

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