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Mission Awesome! is a animated sci-fi adventure tv series made by Marty McCoy made for Cartoon Network.


Two kids are on a field trip but get lost in a forest! Over there, they find the Purple Hole which suck them in a world known as Vortamania. Over there, they meet various people who tell them about Megnifortex, a company that rules Vortamania. The two kids are set on a mission to find out the truth about Megnifortex.


  • Peace as Hannah Connor
  • Marty McCoy as Russell Morringsworth
  •  ??? as the Musketeer
  •  ??? as Kid Earth
  •  ??? as Wild Card
  •  ??? as Fire Girl
  •  ??? as Mack Hellimore


Season 1

  • Episode 1: Field Trip!
  • Episode 2: Megnifortex Creations!
  • Episode 3: Mack Hellimore!
  • Episode 4: The Purple Hole!
  • Episode 5: Wild Card's Genius Tricks!
  • Episode 6: Another Mysterious Mission!? (Crossover with LEMM)
  • Episode 7: The World of Sketch!
  • Episode 8: Kicking Hellimon Butt!
  • Episode 9: LOL City!
  • Episode 10: It's Morphin' Time! (Morphers crossover)
  • Episode 11: DJ Masks!
  • Episode 12: Russell Bond!
  • Episode 13: The-Bad-No-Good-Luck-Dimension!
  • Episode 14: STILL in The-Bad-No-Good-Luck-Dimension!
  • Episode 15: STILLER in The-Bad-No-Good-Luck-Dimension!
  • Episode 16: Hannah VS The Forces of Evil!
  • Episode 17: Dumb Fricks! (TALOVAG Crossover)
  • Episode 18: The L Word!
  • Episode 19: POWER!
  • Episode 20: Goofing Off! (Skittleverse! crossover)
  • Episode 21: Legend of the Bro-Chop!
  • Episode 22: Just Dance!
  • Episode 23: Almost there, almost there!

Season 2

  • Episode 25: Where No Boy Has Gone Before!
  • Episode 26: Trouble Shuffle!
  • Episode 27: Greater Legends!
  • Episode 28: The Force!

Parents Guide

Sex and Nudity

  • The Doodlas ship Hannah and Russell and force them to kiss.
  • In the TALOVAG Crossover, E.T. and Cipher kiss
  • In Episode 21, Russell parodies The Jungle Book's Mowgli, and he only has a underwear on

Violence and Gore

  • Hannah and Russell are armed with weapons on their quest
  • Shooting, stabbing, punching, and kicking is in this series
  • A tiny bit of blood is seen in this series
  • Kid Earth squashes Hellimon sometimes


  • For the word f--k, they put in frick instead
  • SUCKIT! is used in the series instead of a word like shut up


  • Kids drink Cola sometimes, younger kids might think it is beer

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The Hellimon have a frightening appearance

MPAA rating: PG ESRB rating: E10+ PEGI rating: 7 Common Sense Media: 8+


  • This is the 4th LMMCU show to be animated.