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MilesRS is a superhero TV series made by Miles


MilesRS is a superhero from Philemia. He used to just be a nerd watching Zarn cartoons, but Master Genesis told him he had to save the multiverse from all of evil!!!!!


  • MilesRS777 as MilesRS, a nerd who is now a superhero, his power is telekinesis
  • VesperalLight as Vesp, another supehero who has super speed, he also has knowledge on science-y stuff and time travelling
  • RealGameTime as Gamedude, another superhero who has the power to heal and travel to any video game dimension
  • Trigger Happy the Gremlin as Trigger Gremlin, another superhero who has super strength and super sense
  • MLG Neo-Futurist as Neo Futurist, another superhero who can read minds
  • Skittleflake as Skittles, another superhero who can communicate with ghosts
  • PixelFox666 as Pixel Cat, another superhero who can fly
  • Hot-Clara as The Red Girl, a mysterious girl who says the team can trust her
  • LeTesla as Tesla, MilesRS' talking car
  • Nerd-with-a-Pencil as NWAP, a robot programmed to help the evil Nakurito

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