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Meta Testament is a religious spin-off of Metaworld describing the Old Testament, but accompanied by Metaworld characters. Episodes range from being rated TV-Y7 to TV-MA.


Season One: The Old Testament

Season One goes over The Old Testament.

Name Number Rating
Creation 1 TV-14 D
The Garden of Eden 2 TV-14 DSLV
Cain and Abel 3 TV-14 DSLV
The Descendants of Seth and Cane 4 TV-14 DSLV
Humankind Corrupted 5 TV-14 DSLV
The Tsunami 7 TV-14 VL
Noah's Curse 8 TV-14 DS
The Tower of Babel 9 TV-Y7
God Chooses Abram 10 TV-14 L
Abram Deceives Pharaoh 11 TV-Y7
Abram Impregnates Slave Girl 12 TV-MA DSV
God Wants You To Cut Off Part of Your Penis 13 TV-MA SV
God Drops By For a Meal 14 TV-Y7
Abraham Prevents Holocaust 15 TV-Y7
Sodom and Gomorrah 16 TV-14 VS
Lot's Incest 17 TV-MA SV


  • This is the first religious LMMCU show.

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