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Meco is a character from Galaxy Adventures


Meco is a alien always wondering what humans feel like since they don't have a block shaped head or don't have purple eyes. He wants to find his home and cares about his friends so much. After he loses his alien form, he becomes much more cynical, and starts being a jerk.



Meco and Trigger are friends

Velocity Lane

Meco and Velocity appear to be on good terms, Velocity can sometimes hate Meco for being a jerk


Meco hates Cipher and thinks he is a d--k


Meco hates 2by3 for being a dramatic bozo when Meco called 2by3 an idiot and he did not mean it


Mecobot is Meco's most trusted sidekick, unlike Meco however, Mecobot isn't that much of a bastard


"Exeter's sword!"


  • Even though his full name is Meconoba, his friends like to shorten his name to Meco
  • He resembles an Enderman due to the black coloring, violet eyes, and square head.
  • He became human while they were crossing the ravine at Gnarled Forest.
  • He appears in every episode except for Frostivus, where he is replaced by Mecobot. He also is not in Ninjas: Part 2 for unknown reasons.