[Florence and Kristian are on land, with a river separating them from the other side.]

Kristian: Florence? How we get... cross the river? I want fun... BBQ too!

[Cut to other side of the river. Sebastian, Sheldon, Tess, Vincent, and Vanessa are there, tittering and dancing.]

Tess: Hurry up, b***es! My volt-o-meter is reading this barbecue party at...(Meter on Tess' back increases.) zzzzzuper funzzzzzz! (Buzzes.)


Florence: (Pulls out Christianr/Ingrid Morpher Wheel) Gots a Morpher Wheel!

Kristian: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh! (Cowers back.) But maybe work... maybe no.

[Cut back to the party, Sheldon is sitting a tree, holding a Peeniata.]

Sheldon: Peeñata!

[Sheldon hangs the Peeñata and the partygoers cheer. Cut back to Florence and Kristian. They touch the Morpher Wheel, and it turns into double bombards that shoot at each other. The Marph cloud forms.]

Kristian & Florence Marph: (clapping its hands) Ha hah!

[It suddenly burns, and runs around and screaming, then jumps into the river and sinks. Cut back to the party. Tess has her eyes closed and is swinging at the Peeñata.]

Partygoers: Rock candy!

Kristian: (Popping up from the top of the screen.) F**KING SWEETS?!?

Kristian and Florence: Morph!

[The Kristian & Florence Morph rushes to the other side of the river.]

Kristian & Florence Morph : (In Kristian’s voice.) PEEÑATAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

[They crash into the party. When the smoke clears, all of the partygoers, now with a non-morphed Florence and Kristian, are sitting down, burnt, frowning, and melt into metallic pools. Tess’ meter floats away and decreases]

Tess: Zzzzzzuper lamezzzzzzzz. (Sunglasses lower.)

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