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Marph is the seventh episode in the first season of Morphers. It first aired on March 5, 2017.


The episode begins with Florence and Kristian standing a short distance from a party full of other Morphers - with only a river standing in their path. While Kristian complains to Florence about this, Tess reveals her Volt-O-Meter, which rates the party up to the extreme top level, reading "FUN", which only depresses Kristian even more.

Florence offers Kristian a Morpher Wheel, which excites him, but Kristian thinks of what could go wrong with it. However, once Sheldon pulls out a peeñata for the party, Kristian immediately grabs the Morpher Wheel and it transforms into two stern chasers. The two stern chasers force Florence and Kristian inside, and shoots them at each other - but instead of making a morph, they Marph!

The Marph giggles and burns, and runs around the place, and then jumps into the river to put the flames out. Eventually, they are split apart, back where they started, and they watch the party, where Tess has smashed open the peeñata, and treats have spread around everywhere. Kristian immediately decides on morping, where he and Florence take a Morpher Wheel and morph together.

Despite them not making a Marph this time, Kristian creates an urge to get to the party as fast as he can, speeding across the river and crashing into the tree, burning the entire party and leaving everyone as a pool of molten steel. This makes Tess's Volt-O-Meter level down to the extreme bottom, reading "LAME", finishing the episode.

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