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Marauders is an action adventure film directed by Brendan.


The story begins with York's journey into a Peruvian rainforest with a few local tour guides to find the Gold Idol within the Jungle Temple. York avoids various traps, the betrayal of his two tour guides, and a huge rolling boulder that chases him out of the temple. Waiting for him outside is his nemesis, French Egyptologist Emile, and a small army of shamans. Emile steals the idol from York, who escapes in a biplane piloted by Doc Lindsey waiting.

Two US Army intelligence men summon York into an auditorium along with George Hamill, head of the department and a good friend of York. The men explain that the US has intercepted a cryptic Isis message that mentions a mastermind being under the scrutiny of Islamic intelligence. York, a former pupil of the lecturer, helps interpret the message as an indication that the Isis are close to finding the Genesis Chest — a gold and jeweled treasure chest constructed by Yahweh that housed the remnants of Jesus. Legends imply that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi could use the chest to render Isis unlimited.

The Iraqis believe that the expert has the headpiece needed to pinpoint the chest's resting place. The headpiece is a gold disk that, when affixed to the top of a shaft of specific height, focuses a beam of sunlight onto a model of Tanis, an ancient Egypt city, thus revealing the chest's location. According to the mastermind, a pharaoh stole the chest from Jerusalem then buried it in the desert sands of his capital city, Tanis, in a wishing well.

York flies via an aircraft to a wintery mountain to speak with Sandra, the professor's destructive-minded and independent daughter, only to find that her father died and that she is reluctant to part with the headpiece. York is chased away when a sadistic and ruthless Iraq Inquisitor named Ali Zaid who had followed the treasure hunter to Sandra takes the piece from her by force, threatening her with a hot metal. York, noticing the commotion, returns to the bar and engages in a fierce gunfight with Zaid and his men. Sandra then teams up with York. The pair drive off the assailants, although in the process Zaid inadvertently brands the markings of one side of the headpiece onto his butt when he accidentally sits on the headpiece from the flames which broke out during the commotion.

York and Sandra fly to Persia and meet York's friend Muhammad, a skilled Egyptian excavator and anthropologist, to find help in decoding the markings in the headpiece that specify the height of the staff needed to hold it.

While touring about Persia's markets, York and Sandra encounter hired swordsmen, which results in a giant street fight. Even though York battles and then kills all of the attacking bazaar mercenaries, Iraq operatives grab Sandy and throw her in a pickup truck, but the vehicle crashes and explodes when York dispatches the driver with his revolver. Fearing that Sandy died in the blast, York retreats to a tavern and encounters Emile — hired by the Iraqis to find the chest — once more. Wishing to kill Emile despite the Frenchman's sermon about the treasure chest's wonders, Muhammad and his children rescue York from Emile's secret service.

That evening, Muhammad takes York to an old guy who decodes the markings. He notes that one side of the piece says that the staff must be shortened out of respect for God. It appears that the Iraqis have misread the headpiece. Their staff is too long, and they are thus digging for the chest in the wrong place.

York finds Sandra alive at the Tanis site. She has been bound and handcuffed by her captors but York decides to leave her behind and come back for her later, as her absence would jeopardize his finding the treasure chest.

Infiltrating the dig, York and Muhammad use the headpiece in the map room to then find the chest deep within the serpent-infested Wishing Well. Emile, Zaid and the Isis, led by the sadistic Colonel Bernard and his assistant Abraham, surround the door, take the treasure chest, shove Sandy into the hole, and then they leave York and Sandy to die in the serpent-infested Water Well. They escape though a weak rocky wall and arrive in time to see an airplane being prepared to ship the treasure chest to Denmark.

After stopping the pilot, York gets entangled in a fight with a muscular trooper around the spinning propellers of the plane. Sandy kills the pilot and fends off riflemen with the plane's coaxial BMG while York — outclassed by his foe — hides his face when his opponent is ripped apart by a propeller. York and Sandy flee as gas ignites the plane, but Emile and Bernard put the treasure chest on a pickup truck instead planning to fly it from Persia to Denmark.

Stealing a steed and charging off at the truck convoy, York manages to take control of the armored car, killing the Iraq Infantry in the technical and on the other support cars, and escaping from Emile and Bernard. Reaching Persia with the treasure chest, York and Sandy depart from a happy Muhammad and sail with it on a cog ship bound for England, under Captain Bongo.

A U-Boat with Emile and Dietrich on board stops the ship and takes back the Ark and Sandra, but York covertly follows the submarine. It docks at a sub pen on an isle in the Aegean Ocean, where York steals a trooper's uniform. Threatening to destroy the chest with a bazooka, York is soon convinced by Emile to surrender, giving in to his own deep desires as a treasure hunter to see the chest's contents.

Sandra and York are tied up and forced to view a ceremony where Emile opens the chest in front of a group of Iraqi riflemen. Strange and mysterious ghosts emerge, killing Emile (whose chest explodes), Bernard (whose chest implodes), Zaid (whose heart melts), and the rest of the infantry, evaporating their spirits into the afterlife. York and Sandra are spared when York realizes that the souls must not be viewed and shuts his eyes, instructing Sandra to do likewise. The couple thus escape the wrath of the phantoms.

Later, the two military intelligence representatives in Washington inform York that "top men" are studying the treasure chest, but in reality the treasure chest is sealed in a wood box and stored in a huge warehouse filled with countless other containers which look the same.


  • Paul Wesley as Gordon "York" Smith, an anthropology mastermind who commonly embarks on deadly missions to obtain ancient relics.
  • Brett Dalton as Emile Smith, York's evil twin and an excavator, who is hired by ISIS.
  • Amala Paul as Sandra Samira, the lively, strong girlfriend of York.
  • Pe'er Tasi as Muhammad Yoni, a Persian archaeologist and friend of York.
  • Jason Sudeikis as Ali Zaid, an Iraqi agent and York's adversary, who torments Samira for the headpiece.
  • Emilio Estevez as Harrison Buchanan, a curator who purchases his relics off of York.
  • Charlie Hunnam as Colonel Bernard Olavi, a callous Iraqi soldier leading Emile's mission.
  • Atticus Mitchell as Achille, one of York's tour guides through the amazon.
  • PewDiePie as Captain Alvin Bongo, sailor of the Manica.
  • Noah Reid as Abraham Lucien, Colonel Olavi's righthandman.
  • Matt Bomer as Ralf, one of York's guides through Peru.
  • Ralph Fiennes as General Sacheverell, an ISIS hired soldier.
  • Sean Marquette as Major Gerrard, an ISIS hired soldier.

Parent's Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • A woman's body can be seen through a wool dress.
  • The film's villain watches a woman change into a formal dress. However, we only see her silhouette in the mirror as she takes off her bra.
  • The two leads have sex (we see them in bed, and then the scene ends as they kiss and the blankets move). In the morning, after the sex, we can tell they are not wearing any clothing, though she is covered by the bed sheets.
  • We see the non-sexual nudity of an Indian village.

Violence & Gore


  • A man has his arms ripped by a death trap off-screen; we see his gory remains in a "jump scare". There are arrows going through his head, and his body. It is graphic, and bloody, but we see it for about a second.
  • During a bar fight, a man is shot in the torso, with spurting blood pouring down his chest. Another man is shot in the back of the chest and blood dribbles through his shirt.
  • In a market fight, a man is run through with a blade and then apples, cherries, and fish, we see the fruit falling off the sword as it is pulled back through the man.
  • A man is shot while driving a truck, it shows a close up of his fingers covered in blood, and the wound.
  • A big thug is decapitated by a spinning propeller, we see the body and the head chopped off, but we do not see blood.
  • A truck driven off an extremely high cliff, and the corpses of the men in it are flailing alongside the vehicle as it falls.
  • A man is shown being run over by a car, blood splattering over the front and rear tires.
  • Twice in the movie decayed corpses are shown. They are extremely scary and super disturbing.
  • The end scene is scary and graphic. A man's chest melts completely on screen with blood, and weird white stuff melt off his shirt, another man's chest shrivels up with blood coming on the shirt, and another man's chest completely explodes on screen. Blood splatters. The rest of the troopers have freeze blasts struck through their bodies.



  • 2 uses of Jesus as a swear word. 1 use of F**k. 2 uses of w***e. 2 uses of a*s. 2 uses of Bulls**t. Many uses of S**t and Crap.



  • York is shown drinking in a bar with a monkey. Men in a bar are seen smoking bongs. Sandra is shown smoking marijuana once and drinking in two other situations. A soldier is shown snorting, where after he throws the remaining cocaine in a pipe on a ship.

Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • The first scene is fairly scary and violent, where York finds a man with spears through his corpse and runs from a moving spiked ball, among other things.
  • We see ghosts flying around in the clouds. A female ghost with an extremely cute face flies up on center screen. Then, on center screen in an instant, she and all of the other adorable ghosts turn into extremely horrifying creatures symbolizing murder and brutally kill all of the bad guys. A man's chest explodes (blood splatters everywhere). A man's chest melts through his shirt and we see his entrails roll out, another has his chest shrivel up and blood spilling out, and another man's melts with a lot of blood staining his shirt. The horrible creatures then fire freezing bolts that murder all of the other villains. They turn into cute ghosts again and reenter the Treasure Chest. This scene is quite disturbing, gory and violent.
  • York and Sandy are shown trying to escape from a room while huge snakes are threatening their lives.
  • Zombies are scary.
  • Despite the PG-13 rating, parents should think of this as R.