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Macedon: The Animated Series is a cartoon TV show based on Macedon.

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity


  • Characters kiss.
  • Major innuendoes.
  • Some blatant sexual referencing.

Violence & Gore


  • There are violent and gory moments, several core characters are murdered.
  • Graphic cartoon violence.
  • Frequent gun killings.
  • Blood is shown on characters after fights or accidents often. Dismemberment is only seen in the uncensored version.
  • In the episode, a corpse is seen on the floor with a pool of blood surrounding it. Decapitated in the uncensored version.
  • One character gets stabbed in the head, the pole is seen in him with blood leaking out. Other gore is only seen in the uncensored version.



  • Moderate and frequent language, such as the word "piss" being used about two dozen times.



  • Drugs are shown a few times involving criminals, including dealing and drug addiction. Toxic ice cream is shown in order to drug people in various ways.
  • Alcohol hardly appears although the character of Fishy is shown drinking hard liquor all of the time.

Frightening/Intense Scenes


  • This show is darker than any other version of Macedon and certain characters like Dwight, Don-Mace, and Clay Chagrin, are many characters that are quite horrifying.
  • Thematically the show gets extremely mature sometimes. Subject matter involving loss, killing and suicide, and revenge are super frequent in the series, and can lead to emotionally intense moments. But even more mature themes such as torture as well as satanic worship are touched upon in a few episodes.
  • There are episodes that have an extremely sad tone. The whole show has a super prominent dreary overtone to it.
  • The Screemer has extremely disturbing episodes.


Suggested age for censored version: 12

Suggested age for uncensored version: 16