Macedon: Helmet of Kratos is an animated feature film based on Macedon. Despite the release date similarities, it is completely different from Macedon (2016 Film), as evidenced by the dark, somber tone.

Parents Guide

Sex & Nudity

  • Heath Psycho mentions condoms.
  • Macedon is implied to had sex with a woman, as evidenced when they go in his bed and she wakes up the next morning in his abode atop him.

Violence & Gore

  • Macedon ambushes a group of bullies by crashing through a window.
  • Macedon steps on a dying mobster, implying the protagonist uses excessive force.
  • A character is murdered when a statue is deliberately pushed above him, blood spills out.
  • A man dies crashing his car off of a parking garage, outrunning an attacker (blood splatters).
  • Prolonged sequence featuring the cops in pursuit of Macedon and dismemberment is visible.
  • Model helicopters strike Macedon's shoulder bones off, and they are seen being ripped out.
  • Macedon kills Psycho by slicing him with a machete, blood sprays off screen.
  • Macedon strikes Psycho in the head after he puts the bag back on, no head is seen on Psycho, implying decapitation.
  • Multiple deaths happen on-screen.
  • Mason Kennedy is struck by a baseball bat.
  • Multiple scenes of Macedon/Mason Kennedy beating up hooligans.
  • Psycho kills a guy by decapitating him off-screen, then uses his headless body as a lure to Kratos.
  • Psycho drives a guy to suicide.


  • Mason gives Trigger a napkin and says "Here is your napkin back. Do not rape anyone with it".


  • Several of the film's characters drink.
  • Social smoking.

Frightening/Intense Scenes

  • The movie is presented in a somber mood and depicts a cruel world.
  • The movie touches upon Mason Kennedy's violence issues. (a topic that is not touched upon in any of the live action movies).
  • A character is seen kneeling and pleading at a corpse, intense for children.
  • The movie depicts corrupted politicians, and features the Ku Klux Klan.
  • Many villains in the movie commit bloody killings.
  • For an animated film it is fairly dark and at times gory.

MPAA Rating: PG-13 for gory violence.


The film currently holds a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes by critics and users, being praised for its largely realistic drama, romance, boldness, abitiousness, acuteness, compelling animation, overall satisfaction, quintessential storyline, absorbing mission, and role models of heroism for teenage males. It was critisized, though, for its overly graphic violence compared to its disappointing sophistication, vision, and satirical edge, described as being "bloody for the sake of being bloody", and being closer to a television episode than an actual film, such as having one dimensional voice acting.