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Lykoi is a species in Meta Testament and Skittleverse.


Lykoi are first seen when God is about to flood the earth and Noah is sending animals onto the Ark, bringing two Lykois, like all animals, so they can reproduce when the flooding stops. In a later episode, Garlic Ulmulk, Alec Ulmulk, Jon Ulmulk, and Jockey Ulmulk are riding a huge catapult with Garlic's rocket belt attached to it, and a Lykoi jumps on, however, they accidentally crash into a marketplace and then through somebody's house, and the Lykoi bumps his head. However, Garlic shows compassion to the wolf cat.

In Skittleverse, they are a tribe in the waterfall mountain. They appear when Skittleflake and some others go exploring, and they reach the mountains. A lyoki from the Mountain Tribe lets them stay in their cave, and the mountain lion that terrorized the tribe appeared. One of Skittleflake's group attacks the lion, causing them to fall off. This killed the lion and saved The Lyoki Tribe from becoming the lion's meal.



  • The scene it appears in Meta Testament is always consider the most humorous in the show.
  • The Meta Testament one is gay because he fell in love with Garlic.