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Luke Frost is a character in Morphers.


Thanks to his cold body temperature, Luke is extremely slow, both physically and mentally. Despite having great personality, he acts and reacts pretty late in situations. However, despite his flaws, he has a never-give-up attitude that helps him in the, in his case a super, long run.


Luke has pale skin, blue eyes, blue hair, and wears a blue Santa hat, a grey shirt with blue sleeves, ice over-underwear, blue pants, and turquoise boots.



His snout can sneeze icicles, so he can freeze Morphers or other species with them. His tears are iced whenever crying, which is used as a power in Calling All Morphers. He also has an ice exoskeleton that is extremely durable.


Early Life

Nothing is known about Luke's early life. However, he managed to secure a job working at the Hamanossi Conveyor Belt.


  • He has the longest neck of any Morpher.
  • He creates ice from his nostrils.
  • He has malocclusion on his middle four teeth like Kristian.
  • His head cameos in Venturian Battle: Jurassic Park episodes as an apatosaurus and a plesiosaurus.
  • He is a giraffe person in E.L. Wallace's World.
  • As you can see, Luke has two icy boogers coming from his nostrils. That is because he has allergies. When he sneezes, he can sneeze at Norphers to kill them. This is a power in Calling All Morphers.
  • Luke does everything slow, like speaking and walking twice as slow as normal.
    • However, he can blink, change facial expressions, and morph normally.
  • He can cry and get upset easily, being shown in Calling All Morphers.
    • When he cries, ice cubes come out of his eyeballs. This happens when the other Frosts cry, as well.
  • He has been seen hanging out with the Flemyngs the most.
  • His voice sounds like Elvis Cridlington from Fireman Sam.
  • He is the first Morpher to have something in his snout, second being Glender.