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[Episode starts with Luke reading out the tag on Baylee's present].

Luke: To Baylee: Stay cool on your birthday! From Luke. Heheheheh...

[ Chuck runs past.]

Chuck: Hurry up Luke, Baylee's party is on the top floor!

Luke: Coo o o o om mm mm ii ii ii ii in n n n n n n n g!

[Vincent runs past.]

Vincent: Hey, Luke!

[Vanessa runs past.]

Vanessa: Excuse me, Luke!

[All other Mixels except Baylee, Florence, Zoe, and Ted run past.]

Tess, Krish, Kristian and Sheldon: PARTY!

[Mixels wait impatiently in the elevator cheering for Luke and Zorch runs past.]

Zorch: Ha ha! Too slow, Luke Duke!

[Elevator closes and Luke's iced present melts.]

Luke: O u u u ugh h h h! Now I will never make it in time...

[Ted appears out of nowhere from behind holding a Morpher Wheel.]

Ted: We will get there in ti-i-i-i-i-i-i-me!

Luke: Mo morph!

[Luke grabs onto the Morpher Wheel. It hits the ground and shoots out pyrotechnics that forms the words "Go Time". The Luke & Ted Mix, still holding the melted present, attaches his feet to the walls, and then launches upwards. Cut to the party, the other Morphers are surrounding a table, where Baylee is sitting next to a cake with candles in it.]

Vanessa, Zoe, Tess, Vincent, Chuck, Gordon, Kristian and Sebastian: ♪ Happy birthday to Baylee! ♪

[Baylee is about to blow out her candles on her birthday cake but the Luke & Ted Morph crashes through it, splattering pieces.]

Luke & Ted Mix: (In Luke's voice) ♪ Happy birthday to... ♪

[He hands Baylee a damp ribbon, Baylee grows depressed.]

Baylee: ♪ ...Me e e e e e e e e e e e e! ♪ Kill yourself.