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LEGO Wikia is a LEGO theme made by Miles.


  • Main Page (includes 13 minifigures: Pixel, Sky, Miles, GameTime, Trigger, Skittleflake, Searing, Xsizter, Rapmilo, Toa, Spongebub, Peace, Raised by Wolves)
  • Lego Dimensions Staff Room (Includes 5 Minifigures: Xsizter, Rapmilo, Mari, Searing, GameTime)
  • Venturian Battle Headquarters (Includes 3 minifigures: Trigger, Skittleflake, and Crocodilians)
  • Total Drama Wiki (Includes 9 minifigures: Sky (Geoff Costume), Pixel (Mal Costume), Gogogadget831, ArtDraw12, ScrawnyLittleWhiteBoy, AD744, Epic~00, Glenn31, and Raised by Wolves.)
  • LMMCU's Fate
  • Benny VS Neo (Includes 2 minifigures Benny and Neo)
  • Trigger's Trial (Includes 5 Minifigures Miles,Trigger,Pixel,Skittleflake,Sky)
  • Press Start's Start (Includes 2 minifigures: Sky and Miles.)
  • Combustion Wiki (Includes 1 minifigure: Trigger)
  • LEGO Dimensions Customs Wiki (Includes 4 minifigures: Trigger, Searing, GameTime, and Destiny)
  • Roasters Wiki (Includes Tyro minifigure)
  • I Don't Give a Rat's @$$ (Includes Jedi and Shade minifigure)
  • Ideas Wiki (Includes Trigger, Bricky Blocks and Jadhostgamer)
  • Trigger's Boneyard of Unused Wikis (Includes Trigger minifigure and Morphers Galaxy Wiki, Venture Empire Wiki, Metaworld Wiki, and WWIII Wiki graves.)
  • Discord Railway (Includes 3 minifigures: Searing, RealGameTime, and Trigger)