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Lego Mighty Micros is a toys to life racing game made by Marty McCorps, DC Entertainment, Marvel Entertainment, and LEGO. There are two versions of the game: DC and Marvel.


  • Nintendo 2DS
  • iOS
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Android
  • PlayStation Vita
  • Nintendo 3DS


  • Lego Mighty Micros DC Edition Starter Pack (39.99)
    • Batman
      • Batmobile
    • Catwoman
      • Catcycle
  • Game
    • Mighty Micro Adaptor
  • Lego Mighty Micros Marvel Edition Starter Pack (Same as DC)
    • Captain America
      • Star Spangled Tank
    • Red Skull
      • Hydra Truck
    • Mighty Micro Adaptor
    • Game
  • LEGO Mighty Micros Ultimate Edition Starter Pack (59.99)
    • Batman
      • Batmobile
    • Captain America
      • Star Spangled Tank
    • Both games
  • The Boy Wonder Pack (9.99)
    • Robin
      • The Wondermobile
  • Superman's Super Journey to Victory All New Story! (9.99)
    • Superman
      • Super Super Super Car
      • Level Piece

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