Shoutout to all the contributors who contributed to this wiki


Beans, Beans, Good for your heart

The more you eat, The more you fart

Here are all the people I want to congratulate:

RGT - One of the very first people who contributed, You're like my sidekick

Pixel - The first chat moderator, Huge shoutout

NwaP - A gr8 person even though you are inactive nowadays XD

Vespy - Amazitron just amazitron Vespy

Farty McFarts - Fart fart, Troublemaker

Benny the Badass Boy 3.0 - Awesome even though this is your alt account XD

Neo - You're smart with all ur Filthy Frank knowledge

Tesla - A gr8 contributor, Kinda like my ToaMatau2004

Trigger - You're shows are awesome!

aaaa - Gr8 user

If I forgot you don't worry

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