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These rules are expected to be followed, no exceptions.

  • Vandalism results in an instant 1 week - 1 month block, depending how destructive the vandalism was.
  • No swearing. Only light swears will be taken. Example: "Hell, damn". Censored versions of stronger swears may also be taken, but no slurs.
  • Harassment will not be taken lightly. The user would first be warned, if they continue, they will be blocked.
    • Harassment to a staff on the Wiki will result in an instant one week block.
  • Images that are violent, or pornographic images, will result in the image being deleted and the user who uploaded the image would get a 1 month block.
  • Don't edit another user's profile. This would result in the user being first warned, doing it again would make the user get a 3 day block.
  •  No edit wars.
    • This is when a user edits a page, another user reverts the edit, then the user who edited the page reverts that edit, and a continuous cycle of the two users reverting each others edits, staff give warnings to the two users then they lock the page for three days.
  • Do not edit some one else's works unless if they give you permission to do so
  • Respect other users and their beliefs. Insulting someone's religion, culture or being racist will result in a 1 month block.
  • Respect other user's likes, just because they don't like the same thing as you (or vise versa), doesn't mean you have to be a jerk about it.
  • Don't add inappropriate content to your profile page or any page. This will result straightaway a block.
  • For guidelines on how to join staff, see here.