• This game is made by RealGameTime
  • As of the latest update, each franchise has missions with different objectives.


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Have you ever wanted to play as your favorite LMMCU characters collecting items, defeating enemies, and weirdly dodge cars? Neither did we but we made it for you....kinda. Play as any character in any world and try to defeat your friends score or complete missions with awesome rewards! Look at these amazing features that are included in this game:

  • Play as LMMCU characters from different franchises and mash them up in one epic game!
  • Different challenges in each world to face likes dodging missiles or beating up bosses to collecting cookies and scoring high scores!
  • Daily challenges to keep you on your toes with epic rewards and events with brand new goals in order to unlock special limited edition characters!
  • Use powerups to cheat....I mean,get past certain objects including becoming invincible, slowing down time, shooting lasers and more!
  • Beat enemies and bosses to unlock XP to level up characters to earn even greater scores and brag about it your friend's faces!
  • Play against your friends or the world (aka loneliness) to beat their scores and win brand new tokens to unlock certain characters!
  • Unlock weapons to destroy the world with! There's a whole variety too!
  • More content to come soon so stay tuned!


  • Classic: High chance of being won from the Prize Machine (No abilities)
  • Rare: Low chance of being won from the Prize Machine (Very Small Game Changing Abilities)
  • Epic: Very Low chance of being won from the Prize Machine (Very Big Game Changing Abilities)
  • Secret: Are classified by classic, rare, and epic but can only be won by special requirements and daily missions
  • Legendary: Can be only bought using real money and give permeant bonuses
  • Enchanted: Can be only won by Weekend Challenges for a limited time
  • Diamond: Can be only bought using LMMCU tickets
  • Retired: Can no longer be collected


  • Coins
  • Pixel Cubes
  • LMMCU Tickets

Prize Machines

  • Gatcha Prize Machine (100 coins) (Chance of winning a classic, rare, or epic character)
  • Pixel Prize Machine (500 pixel cubes) (Always win a new character)
  • Ticket Prize Machine (45 LMMCU Tickets) (Win characters from Weekend Challenges and Special Events)


The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime


  • GameTime (Starter)
  • Marty
  • Trigger
  • Peace
  • Clara
  • Seven
  • Angela (Secret) (Find her while playing as GameTime)
  • E.T. (Secret) (Collect 40 machine parts as Cipher to unlock)


  • Principal Morton I'D FAIL YA IF I COULD! (Throws F- Papers when walking)
  • The Cipher King A QUEST TO FART! (Farts while walking)
  • Sky PRATICE MAKES PERFECT! (Shoots random objects with his laser gun)
  • Neo (Secret) (Complete The Gang's All Here Set) MEME MAKER! (Memes are shown on the screen at random times)
  • Bucky (Secret) (Complete Pixel's Gang Set) I WILL DESTROY YOU! (Gets a laser gun and shoots random obscatcles)


  • Pixel TURN IT UP LOUD! (Plays various Nightcore songs instead of the original music)
  • Vesp SUPER SCIENCE!(Has the ability to make time slow down)
  • Zemo ANGER OVERLOAD! (Slams into objects randomly)
  • Mage Marty (Secret) (Score a total of 2000 with Marty) I AM INVINCIBLE! (Can became invincible for a short period of time)
  • Flakey (Secret) (Find the portal to Skittleland) RAINBOWS! (Can shoot rainbows out of his butt and poop skittles)

Press Start


  • Sky (Starter)
  • Lizzie
  • Dave E. Venderman
  • Peace
  • Pixel
  • Mario Sky (Secret) (Collect 10 Mario hats with Sky)


  • Miles GAMER RAGE! (Throws different console controllers on the ground as he walks.)
  • Neo HACKER! (Makes the screen look glitchy.)
  • Link Miles HIYAAAAA! (Shouts "Hiyaaaaaa!" at randoms times) (Secret) (Collect 40 tri-force pieces with Miles)


  • Cosmo WHERE'S THE GREEN SCREEN? (The backgrounds change, as if there was a green screen!)
  • Crash Bandicoot Peace WUMPA WUMPA! (Throws Wumpa fruits in random directions while walking.)(Secret) (Collect 100 Wumpa Fruits with Peace)


  • Gwen BFG! (Fires the BFG at random things)



  • Zoe (Starter)
  • Fiona
  • Torsten
  • Sebastian
  • Luke
  • Sheldon


  • Tess Electrical Ponytail! (Can strike random objects with her ponytail)
  • Gordon Tongue Twister! (Tie up random objects with his whip tongue)
  • Florence Fire Face! (Can fire molten mortars randomly)
  • Maggie SURPRISE!!! (Summons either trash or flames)
  • Jake TIMBER!!!!!! (Knock down any wooden objects)
  • Sid An Ice Guy! (Turns random objects icy)
  • Zak Blinding Flash! (Causes thunderbolts to strike randomly)
  • Glenn OOZE! (Spills slime wherever he walks)


  • Mervyn Balloon Burst! (Can fly over certain objects with balloons)
  • Glender Booger Ball! (Rolls a giant ball of slime which can temporarily roll over objects)
  • Kristian Digger! (Can briefly dig under everything)
  • Baylee Joker! (When activated, she tells a joke so terrible that it destroys everything onscreen)
  • Chuck Nuclear Fart! (When activated, farts an apocalyptic fart, destroying everything onscreen)


  • Howard Group Hug! (You are invincible as long as you tap anything to hug it, turns stuff spiky)
  • Ted Spin Wheel! (You can destroy anything selected as long as you rotate the device, makes stuff fly)
  • Vanessa Lava Mist! (Gives you three retries by a soothing breeze of lava flow, makes stuff flaming)
  • Winston Mystical Shield! (Gives you a shield that can sustain three hits, makes background a tent)
  • Scarlet Spiked Snuggle! (Makes you invincible as long as you tap things, makes background desert)
  • Krish Bounding Blast! (If you shake the device, Krish flies into stuff, makes background a pirate ship)
  • Vincent Beam Blast! (Shoots beam at varying dangerous objects, makes background mountain city)
  • Fritz Slam Dance! (Tap objects to slam dance them, makes background spiked topiary garden desert)

The LEGO Blazer Movie


  • Trail Blazer (Starter) 420 TRAILBLAZEIT! (Goes into full fire rage mode dancing to 420 Blaze It and causing a fire storm!)
  • Morph
  • Blizzard FREEZE! (Freezes time except you to get ahead of time.)
  • Peace King LET THERE BE PEACE! (Calls peace amongst the obstacles causing them to stop immediantly.)
  • Shade Narwhalton NARWHALS, NARWHALS! (Sings "Narwhals, narwhals swimming in the ocean, causing a comotion cause they are sooooo awesome!" randomly. Summons in Narwhals when in the Ocean zone.)


  • Miles "Marty" McCoy
  • Trigger the Happy Gremlin TRIGGERED! (Gets triggered and can shoot and blowup obstacles in his path.)


  • Pixel Fox PIXELATED SCREEN OF DEATH! (Makes all characters and objects pixelated.)
  • Red Shogun
  • INinja ININJA GO! (Performs Spinjitzu and creates a giant tornado which allows you to fly temporarily.)


  • Skylander Lord III RELEASE THE DRAGON! (Summons in a Giant Black Dragon from the sky that attacks and pushes objects out of the way.)


  • Lord Blox THE TIME IS NOW! (Automatically enables flight for an infinite time and can destroy any obstacle.)


  • GameTime IT'S GAMETIME, REALGAMETIME! (Can find secret tunnels and ways to sneak past obstacles to get to the finish easier. Adds in secret traps in the tunnels to prevent you from cheating.)
  • Searingjet

The GameTime Movie


  • Captain Botsman
  • Fricksy Business
  • Sergant Darkness
  • Abby The Source Thief
  • Angela
  • Sparky The Dog
  • RebelOrcania (Secret) (Play as King Phantom and zap 25 objects with his Phantom Staff)
  • Fandom News Reporter Dawn Dynamo (Secret) (Play as Fricksy Business and collect 100 microphones)


  • GameTime HAS A TERRIBLE SECRET... (Transforms into a Demon to knock down obscatcles for a few seconds.)
  • King Phantom BRING ME MY ARMY! (Phantoms are spawned around the map. They will look at King Phantom if they see him.)
  • Grimswald Anarchid TIME TO WORK OUT IN STYLE! (A remix of the GameTime Movie theme is played instead of the original music.)
  • Officer Lawson (Secret) (Complete The Bad Guys Set) FOR JUSTICE! (Catching criminals gives you bonus points)
  • Johnny Badsberg (Secret) (Get a score of 2500 or more with any character) LET'S CALL FOR A JAILBREAK! (Triggers random explosions to break criminals out of jail)


  • The Hacker ERROR:404 (Gives the game a glitchy effect.)
  • Warlack GO AWAY OR ELSE! (Scaring NPCs while playing as him gives you bonus points.)
  • Terror Freeze SAY "FREEZE"! (The GameTime Movie World will be covered in snow when playing as him.)
  • SlyFoxBandit (Secret) (Get hit by a Fandom Police Car 10 times while playing as GameTime) EVERYBODY KNOWS ME! (Fans of Sly will spawn across the map)




  • Robert Jacob Miner Damage! (Can mine a tunnel up to 10 squares long!)
  • Pipipi EXPLODE! (Can explode obstacles without dying, but only once)


  • Dead Slender Destruction! (Destroys wood, dirt, or explosive objects)


  • Wyvern Dragon Breath! (Can fire Wyve Poison at things)

The LEGO Angry Birds Stella Movie


  • Gale
  • Hal
  • Sandy
  • Lewt
  • Silver
  • Red
  • The Blues (Secret) (Collect 10 blue feathers as Willow)


  • Luca MAKING THE HIGH NOTE! (Screams and sometimes breaks obsctacles)
  • Poppy ROCKIN' IT OUT LOUD! (Instruments are spawned all over the world. Making music with them gives you bonus points)
  • Dahila WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY FOR... (Plays with test tubes while moving)
  • Chuck (Secret) (Move a total of 100 steps in one minute) IT'S CHUCK TIME! (Moves faster than any character and slows down time for a minute)
  • Matilda (Secret) (Find a egg and get blown up by it) THIS IS EGG-CITING! (Can shoot egg shaped fireballs at obscatcles)


  • Stella ZOOMING THERE IN A FLASH! (Leaves a pink Trail where ever she moves)
  • Willow MY LATEST MASTERPIECE! (Paints and throws paint everywhere)
  • Bubbles CANDY MONSTER! (Collecting candy you blow up and hit obstacles)
  • Bomb (Secret) (Get a score of 2500 as any character) I'M THE BOMB! (Explodes every once in a while causing all obstacles to disintegrate)
  • Terrance (Secret) (Find him while playing as Red) MORE LIKE TERR-IFYING! (Can rush into obstacles and destroy them but is very slow)

The Walking Wikia


  • Sky Haden
  • Miles Reagun

Upcoming Franchises

  • Welcome to Town!
  • iNinjago: The Movie


  • The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime: The City
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie: Brickopolis City
  • The LEGO Blazer Movie: Ocean Zone
  • Press Start: Miles' House
  • Press Start: Collided World
  • The GameTime Movie: Wikia
  • The LEGO Angry Birds Stella Movie: Friendship Island

Out Of Time Deaths

  • The Amazing Life of Vesp and GameTime: Bird
  • Press Start: Defender Ship
  • The GameTime Movie: Winged Phantom
  • The LEGO Angry Birds Stella Movie: Rope Trap
  • Morphers: Cloud Ship
  • The Walking Wikia: Zombie Hanging From a Helicopter.



Weekend Challenges

  • Coming Soon

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