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LEGO Youtubers is a game made by Skylanderlord3.


There are 19 select Youtubers who protect the Youtube-verse, but all of the youtuber's arch enemies have come back to life, the youtubers now have to stop them in this 20 chapter game!

Characters (In Order of Unlock) 

  • PewDiePie (Complete the level Sponsor Eagle! A.K.A. Level one, chapter 1) (Unlocked for free)
  • Edgar (Complete the level Sponsor Eagle! A.K.A. Level one, chapter 1) (Buy in shop for 100 studs)
  • Sponsor Eagle (Complete the level Sponsor Eagle! A.K.A. Level one, chapter 1) (Buy in the shop for 1,000 studs)
  • Marzia (Complete the level RISE OF THE BARRELS! A.K.A Level two, chapter 1) (Unlocked for free)

Walkthrough and Transcripts

Walkthrough of Level 1 Chapter 1: Sponsor Eagle!

First off, the player must take PewDiePie and look for his gaming equipment. The player has to go and break Felix's fridge and build his computer by using his Silver LEGO Blow-up to break the fridge. Then break Felix's couch and build his mic and sound barriers. This skips to the next cut-scene. After Felix makes his first video of the day, barrels then break through the wall and kidnap Martzia

Transcript of Level 1 Chapter 1: Sponsor Eagle!

PewDiePie: "How's it going, Bros? It's PewDie- Wait, s***, I don't even have a my place set up yet!"

Edgar: "Poodiepieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"

Pewds: "WHAT?!"

Edgar: "Get off ya' ass and fix it, Felix!"

Pewds: "Your right, Edgar, (Mumbles "D***...")

(After Fixing the set up)

Edgar: "Good job, Felix, you did a thing with your life!"

PewDiePie: "Shut up, Edgar! I will kill yo-"

(Barrels bust through the wall)


PewDiePie: "S***!"

King Barrel: "Marzia is mineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!"


(The barrels kidnap Marzia.)

Felix: "What now, Edgar?"

Edgar: "GET OFF YOUR ASS, again..."


  • There are 5 level for each chapter, this gives the game 100 levels, making it the longest LEGO game.
  • This is one of few LEGO video games with swearing. The only other two are LEGO Rock Band and LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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