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Vesp And GameTime's Apartment will be the first LEGO set in the The Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime LEGO toy line. It will be based on the original apartment from he show and will feature many characters and references from the show.

Official LEGO Description

Welcome to the amazing world of TALOVAG! Starring your favorite characters


  • Vesp, two accessories: Potion and "Space Police: Return of the Blacktron" dvd
  • GameTime, two accessories: Pencil and paper
  • Marty, two accessories: pink frosted sprinkled donut and hoodie
  • Cipher, one accessory: Bag of farts
  • Pixel, two accessories: gummy bears and phone playing music
  • Clara, one accessory: Coconut Cream Pie
  • Tiffany, one accessory: Picture of Marty, Clara, GameTime, and Tiffany at the movies



  • A photo of Marty and GameTime with their girlfriends is seen. This is a reference to Episode 6 where they go to the movies
  • On a phone it shows some messages from a man called Midori. This is a reference to Episode 15 when Midori constantly sends messages to GameTime
  • A dinosaur bloody bone is seen. This is a reference to TALOVAG Episode 17 where Trigger punches a dinosaur
  • The Gendernator is seen referencing Missy GameTime.
  • One of GameTime's accessories (his paper), the the sentence "EPiC DaY oFF" is seen. This is a reference to Episode 12
  • Vesp has a stand where he put his Batman and Han Solo costume, and other costumes from The Adventures of Vesp. The first two costumes are a reference to the Star Wars and DC parody episodes
  • A messed up NwaP part is seen. Referencing Ep 5
  • A boombox is seen referencing Pixel

Pop Culture

  • Marty wears a Blacktron sweater. This references LEGO's Blacktron franchise, which Marty is a big fan of.
  • Trigger's side of his arm has "METAWORLD RULES". This is a reference to Trigger's actor: Brendan Triggers' first show called Metaworld which is unfortunately cancelled but has reruns on Frick TV and BrickFlix.
  • An NES and "Super Mario Bros" game is found in front of the TV. This is a reference to Vesp's love of the 80's and GameTime's love of games.
  • A photo of Elliot from E.T. is seen. This is a reference to E.T.'s former friend Elliot.
  • One of Vesp's accessories is a dvd. This references Space

Police and BlackTron