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Create your own laugh out loud The Amazing Life Of Vesp And GameTime scenes with this awesome collection of 'Limited Edition' minifigures, including minifures you wont get anywhere else. Each finely crafted minifigure comes with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet. Who will you discover inside your next ‘mystery’ bag?

List Of Minifigures

  1. Bucky with Knife
  2. DJ Pixel with Record Player
  3. Battle Damaged Trigger with Mecha Sword
  4. Flakey with Gumball Machine
  5. Missy GameTime with Animation Tablet
  6. Superhero Miles with Carbon Fiber Plutonium
  7. Spy Vesp with Security Selfie Stick
  8. Officer Goodman with Cuffs
  9. Tiffany with Teddy Bear Plush
  10. Jinx with Magical Hex Wand
  11. Fred Jerkbeetle with Newspaper
  12. Neo with Lunchbox
  13. Zero GameTime with Hair Spray
  14. Mr. Scienceton with Test Tube
  15. Detective Vesp with Magnify Glass
  16. Space Shooter Miles with Laser Rifle
  17. Sky with Video Game Controller
  18. Secret Agent Sky with Secret File
  19. Peace with Wrench
  20. Ghost Cipher with Fart Jar
  21. Lucy with Paper Fan