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Create your own laugh out loud Press Start scenes with this awesome collection of 'Limited Edition' mini-figures, including mini-figures you won't get anywhere else. Each finely crafted mini-figure comes with a display plate and a collector’s leaflet. Who will you discover inside your next ‘mystery’ bag?

List Of Minifigures

  1. Sky with PS4 Controller
  2. Miles with XBOX Controller
  3. GameTime with Green Shell
  4. Peace with Mini WarFighter
  5. Vesp with Red Shell
  6. Pixel with Mushroom
  7. Lizzie with Kirby
  8. Crash Bandicoot Peace with Uka Uka
  9. Mario Sky with Banana Peel
  10. Link Miles with The Tri-Force
  11. Dave with Miles' Soul
  12. Cosmo with Pokeball
  13. Miles' Ghost with Pokedex
  14. Gwen with The BFG