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Metachargers Expressway is a LEGO set based on Metachargers with 2,000 pieces and retails for $199.99.


The set overall resembles a controlled access highway, hence the name, with elements of other areas. There is a bridge with a play feature that causes it to explode and drop vehicles on the racers. A railway is also included, with the play feature exploding it and derailing the locomotive. The final play feature is to drop the dump truck from the helicopter, which can used to destroy the tunnel. A skyscraper is included, with fire and damage to it, along with more ruins, and a damaged gas station covered in flames. Two tanker trucks, two pickup trucks, a car, and a train are included in the set, in addition to Garlic's Pizza Truck and Ulmulk's Chopper.


Official Description

Time to Metacharge like never before!


  • It was canceled, and will be replaced by the Metaninjas Temple UCS set.