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LEGO Emman's Mysterious Mission is an upcoming computer animated dark fantasy dramedy action-adventure television series made by Alex Hirsch, Rebecca Sugar and Greg Wiseman for Netflix. Rated TV-PG/PG (Mild thematic material, some slapstick and dark humor, action and peril)


It involves around Jenny Williams and Emman Cortez in the realms of mysterious things where each and every Wiki world has secrets to uncover.

Voice Cast

  • Laura Bailey- Jenny Williams
  • Cathy Weseluck- Emman Cortez

Episode List

List of LEGO Emman's Mysterious Mission episodes


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  • Like Minecraft: Story Mode it'll be a family-friendly dark fantasy series. Having the ratings of E10+ in North America and PEGI 12 in Europe thus making one of the darkest LEGO franchises to date.
  • This is the first LMMCU TV series to be a family-friendly Dark comedy series.
  • The show will incorporate elements from dark fantasy television series like Gravity Falls and Harry Potter, serving as influences.
    • In addition, Alex Hirsch worked on both Gravity Falls and EMM.