LEGO Dimensions Wikia: The Story of the Staff (abbreviated as LDWTSOTS) is an upcoming animated LEGO TV series created by Trailblazer101 and Trail Blazer Studios. It is based around the staff members and their time on the LEGO Dimensions Wikia. There will be a total of 2 seasons as of now with the first pilot episode releasing on November 20, 2018. It is a spin-off of The LEGO Blazer Movie.

Plot Description

Join the amazing staff of the LEGO Dimensions Wikia in their equally amazing adventure throughout the dimensions of the LEGO Multiverse. Along their adventure, they will meet up with the evil dimensions conqueror Tyro who plans on hacking into every user account and destroy the entire Multiverse!

Cast and Characters


Seasons and Episodes

Season 1

  • 01. Pilot
  • 02. Break the Rules

Special Episode


Season 2



  • There will be a total of 30 episodes in each season, with a special episode in the middle of each season.
  • The series takes place a few months after the events of The LEGO Blazer Movie.
  • RealGameTime provided suggestions for the title such as "Staff Running Through LEGO Dimensions Like Morons: The Show" and "The LD Staff Traveling Into Different Dimensions: The Series". Trailblazer101 went into a different direction with the title after seeing the suggestions.
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